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U.S. Army Online & Social Media Division Gets It Right

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Last week while attending the 60th Annual AUSA Conference in D.C.  I couldn’t help but keep visiting the booth for Office of the Chief of Public Affairs: Online & Social Media Division (that’s a mouthful).  They had, what I feel, the most interesting and well put together booth at the conference.  The entire flow of their space was very fluid and you could drift from one area of the booth to the next.  It almost had that museum/art gallery feel to it.

My coworker and I visited the booth a couple times and definitely snagged their educational materials on the Online & Social Media Division.  According to my coworker, their graphic design is very sleek and well crafted and I agree.  It’s nice to see something as regiment as the U.S. Army embrace something as new age like social media and graphic design and do such a good job at it.

The people working the booth were also very approachable and fairly easy to strike up a conversation.  One of the social media people had retweeted what I had posted earlier that week about the conference, so it was interesting to actually meet the person that had interacted with me in social media world.  The U.S. Army Online & Social Meida Division definitely gets it right when it comes to embracing the social media trend.  And I wouldn’t mind working for them one day (wink wink nudge nudge).

Here are some blueprint images of the booth (I didn’t take the opportunity to snap actual photos unfortunately).