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Google Voice: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

October 6, 2010 Comments off

For any new business its expected for there to be a phone number for which you can reach personnel at.  There’s no better solution for a start-up to this other than Google Voice.  I can’t tell you how useful this tool has been to me.  It takes literally about 2 minutes to set up and you get to pick the area code where you want your phone number to be from (contingent upon that area having available numbers).  I couldn’t get a number for the 703 (Northern Virginia) area so I selected a number from 202 (Washington, DC).  It’s only 4 miles from my apartment and it makes me look more important (I hope).

I mainly wanted a number of my own since the advertising program I developed for Vietnamese Public Radio involves me to be on the phone a lot of the time.  But I don’t want people I’m calling to have my personal cell phone number.  Google Voice eliminates that.  And I got to make the digits spell out a word.  My number is 202.861.ROAR (7672).  Isn’t that cute?!  Your cell phone rings when someone calls the number and if they leave a voicemail you receive a text with what the person said in their voicemail.

And the best part?  Its FREE! Its free to call anywhere in the U.S. and Google Voice has competitive rates for outside the U.S. too.  If you are starting a business or need a separate line for a particular project (for no cost), Google Voice is definitely the way to go.  Yay Google for creating something that is the best thing since sliced bread.