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The Dog Ate My “Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name”

September 30, 2010 Comments off

One thing you must must must have before you launch your new business is a “Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name.”  This is if you are operating your business under a name other than your legal one (i.e. Ryan Rosado).


My lovely certificate hung on my fridge by my Dunkin' Donuts magnet


It depends where you live at but all municipalities have these available to file at your local court house at the Clerk of Circuit Court department.  Mine is filed in the City of Alexandria and only cost $10.00.  This certificate ensures no one in the Commonwealth of Virginia can operate business under this name (ROAR Marketing) other than me mhmm.

Here is a good source for “Doing Business As…” for requirements by state.

I had a little fun with taking pictures of my certificate hanging on my fridge.  Don’t worry, it’s safely filed away at the moment :]


Taken with my Hipstamatic Camera on iPhone.