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ROAR: In The Beginning

September 29, 2010

Hello Everyone!  My name is Ryan Oliver Alexander Rosado and I am the founder, CEO, creator, president, and director of ROAR Marketing.  If you didn’t catch on ROAR are my initials.  ROAR Marketing is a business I decided to start earlier this year.  This has been such a labor of love for me, so I thought it would be a good idea to chronicle it through a blog.  I want to give everyone an inside look inside this new part of my life and all the hard work that goes into starting a business.

Before making the decision to start my own business, I had absolutely no idea how to even start one.  So part of this blog is to I hope give other aspiring entrepreneurs an inside glimpse of all the little tidbits you need to know in order to start a business.  I will give updates on my current two clients as updates become available as well as show you the progress of officially launching ROAR Marketing.

In addition, I want to post interesting and useful entries that appeal to anyone in marketing, creative professions and entrepreneurs.  So sit back and watch as ROAR Marketing grows into a (what I hope) a successful business 😀 !

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